Blog Series: “Vision 2013” Post #1

2013 has come like a lion. According to the Mayans, we were never supposed to see it. Good thing Jesus is in charge and is calling the shots. Two Sundays ago I had the privilege of preaching on Revelation 21. In the early part of the chapter, three themes pop out.  Jesus is (1.) the […]

Wind Back in My Sails

After a nine month hiatus, I am going to attempt to revive this blog. I know, I know. You are probably saying, “Haven’t you said this before, Aaron?” The answer to that is “yes”. There is a (in my estimation) pretty darn legitimate reason for this. The past nine months of my life have been […]

Road Trippin’ to Va

This past Thursday afternoon, we packed up the car with lots of toys, snacks, clothes for 10 days, and of course our little dudes, and hit the road. Our goal was to make the 12 hour drive from Tampa to Riner, Virginia. We knew it could potentially be a disaster of a trip since Asher […]

Adventures in the Proffitt Home

This week can definitely be classified as an atypical week for the Proffitt family but it seems as though these weeks are becoming more and more frequent as our lives go on. For those of you who don’t know, Ashlee and I found out we were pregnant (for the 5th time) two weeks ago. Yep, […]

Weekly Friday Funny #1(Big News in the Proffitt Home)

So my blog has officially been resurrected from the dead this week. My goal is to write 3 posts (minimum) a week.  The content will revolve around (but not be limited to) the following: Monday’s post will be a video and/or story of my crazy kids (Drew – 4; Asher – almost 20 months old); […]

Whetting Your Appetite

Alright, I’m back to blogging. Why haven’t I been blogging for the past 5 months you may ask? Because I’ve been up to a whole lot of following Jesus, husbandry, child rearing, church planting, traveling, getting pregnant again (well, not me but my wife…you know what I mean), preaching, evangelizing, equipping young men, training future […]

a little update…

I know that many of you, especially our supporters, try to keep updated with our lives via my blog. Updates are one thing that I have not been very good at lately but here are some random thoughts on how things are going here in Tampa… 1. Our church plant has seen unusual summer growth […]


As you can probably surmise from my lack of posts this month, it is very difficult for me to write anything at this point in time. We continue to grieve the death of our son Aaden and honestly at times, it feels even more painful than ever. Yesterday, as I was driving back to our […]

Baptisms tomorrow

This week has been a crazy week. I officially doubled my dad status as we were introduced to the latest addition to our family Aaden Sage Proffitt on Wednesday. I will probably be posting more on that subject when I actually have some pics to show everyone. In the meantime, we have a big day […]

An encouraging update

Sorry that I am just now writing a blog this week. On Sunday after the morning worship experience I, along with 3 others, headed down to Florida to do some more church plant probing. We just got back yesterday. If you didn’t know up to this point, our desire at Aletheia is to see a […]