A HUGE Announcement!

Over the past 35+ years, Dave Proffitt (my dad) has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and His church. I don’t know too many people who can make this claim. God has used this man to plant churches all over this nation and all over the world. Tens of Thousands of people have been impacted […]

An Incredible Journey

It has been quite some time since I last blogged but since I finished everything I needed to get finished today I thought I would post an update to let this wordpress blog know that it’s owner still exists. 2011 has been a pretty awesome ride as far as ministry goes. There is a ton […]

I’m Still Alive

Obviously it is very apparent that I have taken some time off from blogging. It became more of a pressure-filled task of my week rather than something that I enjoyed doing. So, for that reason, I have not posted something since October. I will however be picking it back up sometime soon. But for now, […]

My Rock Star Moment in Mexico

So last month, as many of you know, we were able to take a team of 12 (from our church plant here in Tampa) to Tuxtla, Mexico, and visit our sister Aletheia in Mexico, along with my good buddy Mark Huffman, the pastor of said church, and his wife Abby and their new baby daughter […]

Aletheia Tampa has been VodCasted

So, I can’t believe that this is actually a reality…but Aletheia Tampa has officially joined the VodCast game. My guys Ace and Graham have furiously worked over the past few months to make this a reality and they finally pulled it off. And I must say, they did a great job. I don’t even know […]

Mexico, Icee pops, and 1 year Birthdays

I know that it has been a month since I last blogged, and I apologize to those who have faithfully clicked on my blog the past 30 days only to see the same post from late July. I really find the blogging thing to be a thorn in my side. It takes time to sit […]

The Future is Looking Bright

On Tuesday, a group of 7 from our church plant here in Tampa made the trek to Orlando to be a part of the SBC 2010 annual convention. There were thousands of people in attendance. This year’s meeting had been hyped up for months to be a defining moment in the history of the SBC. […]

Recent Happenings

The past couple of weeks have been exciting and adventure filled to say the least. It all started on the 12th of this month when over a dozen people from our church plant here in Tampa made the trek to Richmond, Virginia, for the 1st Aletheia Network Conference. What an incredible time the Conference was […]

Puerto Rico, American Idol, and then some

I’m back after an incredible 7 days away in Puerto Rico. In case you hadn’t heard we took a team of five to the island on an evangelistic mission. There will be more on that later. The only negative about the trip was that I had to leave Ashlee and Drew behind. I didn’t want […]

Back from Costa Rica

I must apologize for the lack of posts. Everyone must think that I am a blog slacker but really it’s just because I’ve been gone for the better part of the last two weeks. One of those weeks was spent in Atlanta where I was able to express the vision of the Aletheia collegiate church […]