London Travels

One of my greatest joys in life has always been to travel the world and take the gospel to the nations. Since an early age, my father, a pastor for nearly 40 years, made it a point to take our family to the nations. We would spend entire summers in Spain, learning the language, proclaiming […]

So easy, A cave man can do it…or Not

Saturdays are big days for Aletheia Church here in Tampa, because we always do some type of missional outreach, usually in the form of specific, intentional evangelism. This precedent was started 10 years ago, when we started the first Aletheia Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Over the past decade, we have sparked up gospel conversations with […]

Friday Funny – Air Guitar

In 1992, my father, who had started a church and had been at that same church for 16 and a half years, left the church after some incredibly painful events and false accusations. That was an interesting time for our family and ended up putting us on the streets, eventually landing us on the side […]

Reflecting on #REFLECT11

I’ve had a few days now to catch my breath, get my voice back, and try to recouperate amidst the Virginia pollen (to no avail), since the Aletheia Network’s (2nd Annual) Reflect Conference ended on Saturday. It’s weird that this time last week, everyone was beginning to make plans to be in Richmond the next day […]

And The Winner Is…

…J.R. Mondell Out of the the 33 comments, J.R. left comment #29! He said: “It’s not “The Good Book” but it’s definitely a good book inspired and filled with insight from “The Good Book”. I know Allie and I need a copy for our bookshelf.” Congrats Juan Rueben! You are the proud owner of the […]

E-Book Release TODAY!

It’s been a long time coming, but Dave Proffitt’s new book “In The Trenches: Ten Vital Reminders to Assist Church Planters” (the e version) is finally available right HERE. The official book web site is where you can read a bio on the author, and download a sample chapter. Today, the digital release is […]

2 Days until the Book Release

In case you haven’t heard, Dave Proffitt’s book on church planting is being released in 2 DAYS. The E-Book version of “IN THE TRENCHES: TEN VITAL REMINDERS TO ASSIST CHURCH PLANTERS” will be released on Monday, May 9th right HERE. For now, you can download a free chapter. There is still a chance for you […]

More Quotables from “In The Trenches”

Here are a few more of our favorite quotes from Dave Proffitt’s new book “In The Treches: Ten Vital Reminders to Assist Church Planters”… “Ask the question: ‘What are our prayers like?’ Could they ever possibly shake a building, toss away demons or move mountainous difficulties?” “How many more silly, shallow, thrown together, ill-researched, superficial […]

Excerpts From “In The Trenches”

So if you haven’t heard yet, my father, Dave Proffitt has written a book on ministry and church planting called “In The Trenches: Ten Vital Reminders to Assist Church Planters”. I made the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday. You can download a free chapter of the book at where you will also find out more […]

Book Give Away!

Alright, we are 5 days away from the E-Book release of… “IN THE TRENCHES: TEN VITAL REMINDERS TO ASSIST CHURCH PLANTERS”. Today through Sunday, you have an opportunity to win a free hard copy of the book. It’s really simple to get involved. In fact it will only take you a moment to enter. /// […]