Glory Mongers

“Immediately an angel of the Lord struck him down, because he did not give God the glory and he was eaten by worms and breathed his last.” – Acts 12:23 This is the fate that Herod suffered, upon delivering an oration in Acts 12 that led people to exclaim “The voice of a God, and […]

This Must Be Said

I am not really generous. And neither are you. With that statement, I’m sure I’ve offended a few of you. But in light of the passage of Scripture that continues to serve as a “kick in the face on a Saturday night with a steel-toe grip Kodiak work boot” (have you seen Cable Guy?), – […]

From Beggars to Heirs

This past week (Feb 18th to be exact) marked the 468th anniversary of Martin Luther’s death. It has been told that on his death bed these were his final words: “We are all beggars. This is true.” The significance of this statement really impacted me this past week, especially as I prepared to preach on […]

Generosity: The Surprising Secret To Joy

I asked one of my great friends and gospel co-laborers for many years now, Graham Cochrane, to write a post on generosity for me this week in light of what I preached on Sunday (Acts 2:42-47). Graham is a follower of Jesus, a terrific husband and daddy, a business owner, and a deacon at Aletheia […]

“Preach the Gospel at All Times…”

Where did your mind go when you read the subject line? Probably “And when necessary, use words!”. This quote that has been attributed to St Francis of Assisi (albeit falsely) is one of the most overused sayings when it comes to people’s excuses for not wanting to share the good news. I mean, let’s be […]

Gift of Tongues (It’s Significance)

Yesterday, in the 84 degree Florida heat, I preached, drenched in sweat, on Acts 2:1-13 where the Holy Spirit came like a rushing wind into the house where the first Christians met and rested upon their lives as of fire. This was a powerful and comforting event all at the same time. The comforter and […]

Preparing for War

War Movies are Cool: I mentioned on Sunday that I saw a very moving film recently called “Lone Survivor”. I was absolutely blown away by it. Usually a sucker for good war movies, I was not disappointed. Never has a movie brought out such a variety of emotions in me. I was moved to anger, […]

5 Pastoral Leadership Disciplines

Jesus has designed the church to function a certain way. Even though He doesn’t need men to lead His church, He chooses to appoint godly men to do so. On Sunday, we had the blessing of being able to appoint another pastor at Aletheia. What a celebration it was (Check out an instagram photo here). […]

A Job Description is Helpful

This past Sunday I joked in my sermon that there are two things in my life that I wish I would have had a job description or manual for: Marriage and Parenting. Nobody ever gave me detailed instructions or what to expect when it came to either marriage or parenting. Pre-marital counseling was kept general […]

Blog Series: “Vision 2013” Post #1

2013 has come like a lion. According to the Mayans, we were never supposed to see it. Good thing Jesus is in charge and is calling the shots. Two Sundays ago I had the privilege of preaching on Revelation 21. In the early part of the chapter, three themes pop out.  Jesus is (1.) the […]