A new and fresh start

So we got over the hump that was the dreaded November 15th. To say that we were looking forward to that happening is the understatement of the year. As morning dawned and we awoke on Sunday, tears began to fill Ashlee’s eyes and it broke my heart. All of those memories of what happened last […]

Drew is making progress (kind of)

here is some funny footage we shot of Drew saying his ABC’s (sort of) and counting to 20 (once again sort of). it’s pretty cute. Enjoy!

The Proffitt family from one year to the next…

What a difference a year really can make. Much has changed since November 11th of last year for the Proffitt family. Let’s review some of the major changes: 1. We live 850 miles away from where we lived last year 2. We are planting a new Aletheia Church 3. We lost a member of our […]

The Lordship of Christ

It has been two weeks since the last time I posted something…oh the humanity! Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing a blog. I write all the time. I spent six hours today writing a Bible study. Part of my job includes correspondence of the e-mail, text message, facebook, and twitter variety. Writing is a […]


As most of you know, Ashlee and I took a trip up to Virginia this past week. We had an incredible time seeing both sides of our families and hanging out with our church family in Harrisonburg. Last Thursday would have been Aaden’s first birthday. He was born a year ago, October 8th 2008, a […]

A little blog action from Harrisonburg

So Ashlee and I are in Harrisonburg today after a two day journey from Tampa that was broken up by a pit stop in Riner (Ashlee’s home town). It was great to get up this morning and hit up the Aletheia Harrisonburg men’s prayer time. We started that prayer time in December of 2006 to […]

A trip to California and back.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted something; my apologies for that. Ashlee, Drew, and I spent 8 days in Southern California, where we connected with some of our supporters, hung out with our friends, and participated in some leisurely activities. It was a great trip. If you don’t know, Southern California […]

simple living

Ashlee, Drew, and I just returned yesterday evening from a family reunion in Petersburg, Indiana, where my mom grew up. It had been 17 years since my last visit to that small country town but I have so many memories there while growing up, when we used to pile in a car and mom and […]

To all the doubters…

Many people, even recently, have disputed the fact that I, Aaron Proffitt, can actually (or at least could actually at one time) dunk a basketball. A few years ago, my boy Rod Groff got some footage of me dunking in an assortment of different ways at the Jame Madison University Recreation Center. I guess that […]

Recapping the past few days

This past week has been a crazy week to say the least. Seeing as though I have not blogged for 9 days now, this would prove that point. I am so sorry that i have not provided updates for everyone over the span of the last week and a half. But let me tell you, […]