Nine Years Ago Today

  It is rare that you can look back nine years to the day into the past and remember exactly what you were doing. It comes a little easier when the day you are looking back upon is your wedding day. Right at this moment nine years ago, I was waking up with my eleven […]


This past Monday (October 8th), my second son Aaden Sage Proffitt would have turned 4. I cannot even believe that it has been 4 years since I held that little guy. Since then we’ve seen two more children birthed, as well as a church here in Tampa. That is a lot of births in 4 […]

My boys & Star Wars

My 4 year old has a huge crush on Star Wars even though he’s never seen the movie. It’s really funny. Even funnier is the fact that he has now influenced his 21 month old brother to love Star Wars as well. Ashlee went out the other day and wanted to bring Drew home a […]

Weekend in Images (Mini-Me Monday)

I can’t explain how much fun it is to see my boys growing up. They are a couple of crazy kids who are full of life and who really live for the moment. Ashlee and I are so blessed to see these little gifts develop (especially their personalities – they are both so different from […]

Mini-Me Mondays (Naps With My Boys)

As a parent, there are a lot of those little things that I treasure with my rapidly growing-up boys. One of those little things that I know I will miss when they’re all grown up is taking naps with my little men. One day, I was watching Asher while doing work in my home office. […]

Asher is really close to God

So Ashlee and I have noticed something lately when it’s time to pray (whether for a meal or when we’re tucking the boys in bed). Asher really loves to pray and he is so close to God that he has his own special prayer language. I’ve got a spirit-filled 20 month old who is charismatic. […]

Road Trippin’ to Va

This past Thursday afternoon, we packed up the car with lots of toys, snacks, clothes for 10 days, and of course our little dudes, and hit the road. Our goal was to make the 12 hour drive from Tampa to Riner, Virginia. We knew it could potentially be a disaster of a trip since Asher […]

Adventures in the Proffitt Home

This week can definitely be classified as an atypical week for the Proffitt family but it seems as though these weeks are becoming more and more frequent as our lives go on. For those of you who don’t know, Ashlee and I found out we were pregnant (for the 5th time) two weeks ago. Yep, […]

Mini-Me Mondays (#1 – Asher Shakes His Golden Locks)

My Monday posts from here on out will consist of a funny story/picture/video from my 2 sons that I capture the previous week. This week’s video happens to come from a few weeks back. Kids go through stages and these stages are often comical. Asher right now is going through a stage where he shakes […]

Weekly Friday Funny #1(Big News in the Proffitt Home)

So my blog has officially been resurrected from the dead this week. My goal is to write 3 posts (minimum) a week.  The content will revolve around (but not be limited to) the following: Monday’s post will be a video and/or story of my crazy kids (Drew – 4; Asher – almost 20 months old); […]