Leadership within the church plant

Leadership is such a tricky issue within church planting. For many, the tendency is to grab up any warm body who shows any bit of interest and throw them into a leading position. That my friends, is what would be called the epitome of a “bad idea.” On the other hand, trying to lead a […]

One way to add #’s to the church plant

Now I know that one of the newest upcoming trends in church planting is to avoid talking about the dreaded “numbers.” How many did you have on Sunday? How many are coming out each week? How many are you running? These are the non-postmodern sensitive questions that you get as a church planter all the […]

The A-B-C’s of church planting

It’s amazing that we’ve only been in Tampa for a year now. It was a year ago yesterday that we had our first on campus Bible study, in which 13 people or so came out. We had no idea what the next year would hold. As I have mentioned in a previous post, so much […]

A way to “test” the true saints

In collegiate church planting, I am a firm believer that to see any sort of success, unless you are holding people at gun point and forcing them to come through your doors on Sunday, you have to go to the students on campus. I spend 4 days out of the week connecting with the students […]

The Roller Coaster that is Church planting

So it’s not typical that I blog about how things are going in the specific church plant I am at. But I am going to that just a little bit in this post because at the end of the day, I am a church planter, one who is daily in the trenches, one who has […]

Church Planting requires Evangelism

I read a statistic years ago that dealt with one of the major American church denominations. A poll had been taken. The question was “Have you shared your faith to someone at least once in your life time?” The answer was shocking to me. 3% answered yes. That means 97% answered no. Now, I don’t […]

The Process that is Church Planting…

As I alluded to in my last post, church planting is a process. I love doing what I do but I have really had to learn something over the past decade of doing this…planting churches takes time. I am naturally a very impatient person so this often times doesn’t bode well for me. This is […]

Church planting is…difficult

I posted two days ago on some of the benefits of church planting. One thing I failed to mention was a negative of church planting. It is extremely difficult! Paul told the Corinthian church that he came to them in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling (1 Cor. 2:3). This is a powerful statement. […]

Why church planting?

As many of you read from my previous post, I am embarking on a new direction with my blog. The direction I am taking the blog will still include posts pertaining to my family life, Aletheia life, and other random stuff, but the primary objective will now be to relay insights on church planting to […]

An idea I have

So, last night, as Asher was keeping us up due to his voracious appetite, I started thinking how I can better transfer the church planting information that my father and I have obtained after doing this for (him – 35 years, me – 10 years) a while now. I can’ t believe that I am […]