About Aaron Proffitt

Born and raised in Southern California, I am the son of a pastor and influenced heavily by SoCal culture (especially muscially). Jesus saved me when I was 5, although I believe a truer understanding of the gospel didn’t come until I was in my 20’s. I learned a lot about ministry growing up. I also played a lot of basketball and it was my dream to play it professionally. After three years of college basketball, God diverted my attention away from it and towards serving Him in a larger capacity. I started leading worship in 1997. This gave me invaluable ministry experience as well as helped me to identify and cultivate some of my giftings. In 2001, I moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia, to start a church, targeting the college students at James Madison University. I ended up spending over 7 years in Harrisonburg, meeting my wife, having a couple kids, and developing some of the greatest friendships of my life. In 2009, I moved to Tampa to start another church. I’ve also had a couple more kids since arriving in Tampa. I love Tampa. Through life’s journey, which has included some extreme difficulties such as losing a son to SIDS when he was 5 weeks old, I have come to a few conclusions: I love Jesus. I love my family. And I love Jesus’ church. There are a few more things that I enjoy but those three things take the cake for me.


  • Joe Cittadino says:

    Aaron do you remember Billy Duckworth? I hope you do, with all his goods and bads, he helped me to be a better teacher just because I never knew what he would challenge me with. Anyway, a year or so after you guys moved to VA I was attending a monthly conferance/breakfast thing for Baptist pastors in the area, I was interim pastor at Menifee Valley at the time. Billy had left to help plant a church in Murietta a couple of months prior. Steve Lenerts (whole nother story about him) stopped by the table where Billy and I were sitting and asked how Billy’s “numbers” were. Billy responded that his church had “doubled each munth in size”. Lenerts left totally blown away. Billy looked across the table after he left and sort of dead-pan said “not too hard when you start with two”. I loved it at the time and still love to remember. Oh that we could continue to “double” each month. I pray God will bless all your efforts for His Kingdom here. Love and miss you guys. joe

  • ap says:

    Of course I remember Billy Duckworth Joe. He was a Mississippi boy that had been in ministry for many years. Came across initially as a real grump bu ended up being a true friend. I love that story so much. Definitely made me laugh. I love you bro and hope you are feeling well. I am in general conversation with Bubba, especially about maybe going to Memphis to start an Aletheia 🙂 How awesome would that be? God bless!

  • Tyler Guy says:

    Aaron: It was good to be with you this last week. I had some other info and phone numbers for you.

    Please contact me. Thank you, Ty Guy, South Shores Church, Dana Point, CA

  • D Plum says:

    Love what you guys are doing… hoping to be a part someday, somehow. Love you, bro!

  • ap says:

    Hoping for the same. I’m praying about it! Love you.

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