10 Ways to Know Your Church is all About Jesus

1. His name is said a lot whenever the church is gathered.

If the pastor or the people aren’t saying the name “Jesus” early and often when there is any sort of gathering, all signs point to His lack of importance.

2. He is always celebrated.

If your church isn’t always celebrating who Jesus is and what He has done then He is just not that important to the church.

3. He is the main focus of every single sermon.

Churches tend to make man central (i.e. “3 steps to get your life back on track”). If Jesus is just a sub point or a side note in a sermon, He is, again, just not that important.

4. He is the main subject of the mission statement.

If Jesus isn’t driving your church’s mission statement, then He is not central to the mission of your church.

5. He is the main character of people’s stories of redemption.

This is something that has bothered me a lot lately. At times, when people talk about how they “came to Christ”, it’s all about someone else (which I get is a super important element, but the person who invites you to church did not atone for your sins; neither did you do anything to bring yourself to a point of “readiness” for Jesus to save you). If Jesus isn’t the main character of people’s “testimony” within the church, he probably is just a supporting actor at the church.

6. He is the hero.

If your church isn’t gushing over who Jesus is all of the time, then He might as well be the Robin to your Batman.

7. He is actually changing people’s lives within the church.

If nobody’s life is ever changing within a local church, that’s a pretty good sign that Jesus is nowhere to be found.

8. People will be saved by His grace and people will be baptized.

After all, Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost and to give His life a ransom for many (Mk 10:45). If your church never sees people saved by the grace of Jesus and if there are never any baptisms to serve as a public demonstration that He has done so, then Jesus is nowhere to be found. His mission is to save and He WILL use His church to accomplish this mission. That is a guarantee.

9. There will be more talk about changed lives than numbers, buildings, and dollars.

Listen: Numbers, buildings, and dollars are all good things because they reflect the grace of Jesus over the church. But they don’t and can’t ever atone for sin. Only Jesus can change lives. That should be our focus.

10. There is a sense of hope within the church.

Only Jesus can truly provide hope. And if your church just doesn’t have any hope, more than likely Jesus is not central. A church who is walking in the fear of the Lord (Jesus) and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, is a church that is primed and ready to face anything that may come her way. Glory to Christ for the hope He gives.

May we all look for churches that are pointing people to Jesus and living and giving out the true hope that only Jesus provides. It truly is all about Him!



  • Joy Pedrow says:

    Hey Aaron. I just listened to your sermon on our redemptive stories. I was wondering if you could write a blog post about how to tell our story to make sure Jesus is the center or if you could write yours out as an example. I’ve written my story multiple times and I think it is the hardest thing to write. I try to make Jesus center, but it ends up being all about me.

  • AP says:

    That is a great idea Joy. If I have some time, I will try to hammer that out sometime soon.

    Thanks. Hope you are having a great summer. We miss you.

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