5 Proofs That You Could Be a Functional Racist

Yesterday I preached from Acts 10:1-33 at Aletheia Church. This is the part of Acts where a non-Jew takes center stage and we see cultural and ethnic barriers shattered by the power of the gospel. Peter’s racism (whether it is intentional or unintentional, it’s racism) comes out in full force, especially in v14 where He […]

7 Things I’ve Learned About Raising A Son

In honor of my first born son’s 7th birthday today, I thought it would be good to write down the 7 most significant lessons I’ve learned during the past 7 years. 1. The early years are by far the hardest. Most of the feelings of despair, inadequacy, and failure as a father happen during the […]

10 Ways to Know Your Church is all About Jesus

1. His name is said a lot whenever the church is gathered. If the pastor or the people aren’t saying the name “Jesus” early and often when there is any sort of gathering, all signs point to His lack of importance. 2. He is always celebrated. If your church isn’t always celebrating who Jesus is […]

Dear Dads, This is How to Redeem Summer With Your Kids

Growing up, summer was always my favorite time of the year. Why? Because I didn’t have to go to school! Since I was at home a lot more, it provided many more opportunities for connecting with my dad. Now that I am a dad, I want to maximize these moments as much as I can, […]