Heirs in the Grace of Life

1 Peter 3:7 says that men and women who have entered into the marriage covenant together are “heirs in the grace of life”.

There is no doubt that this is the season for weddings. At the church I pastor, we have had many of them recently, including the past 3 weeks (and more to come). Now I typically don’t enjoy weddings because of the cultural hoopla that surrounds them (the words excess, decadence, overkill, and vain extremism, come to mind). But as I get older, and as I’ve learned that wedding days give me a platform to lead people to Jesus (instead of making it about the bride and groom), I secretly am beginning to enjoy them (keep that on the down low, por favor).

You may be asking why I am beginning to enjoy weddings. Well, here you go…

  1. One of the greatest gifts from God (common grace – grace that God extends to all of humanity) is marriage. I get to live that gift out every day with my wonderful wife.
  2. One of the greatest gifts to the local church is seeing people come together within the community, under the marriage covenant, united in Christ, as followers of Christ.
  3. Weddings are one of the greatest evidences of fruit within the life of a local church.

(In fact, the amount of weddings a church may have in a given year can be used as a sort of metric to analyze the church’s growth. aka The more weddings, the more numerical growth you experience)

  • They are a celebration of life.
  • They are a celebration of God’s goodness.
  • They are celebration of God’s original design for the ultimate, intimate male and female relationship (see Genesis 2).
  • They are a celebration of hope (hope for a wonderful life together but even more profoundly, hope for a greater covenant that saves us from sin).
  • They are a celebration of growth (figuratively and literally speaking haha).
  • They are a celebration of sanctification (when people choose to marry, they are essentially saying – even if they don’t quite understand the full implication of this yet – “I’m ready to be further sanctified!”).
  • They are an opportunity to celebrate the grace of Jesus in the lives of individuals within the community.

How could this be so? Because two people are saying “I am choosing to enter into this covenant knowing full well that the person I am marrying is imperfect.” This is why marriage is a picture of the gospel. Jesus brings us into a covenant relationship with him knowing full well that we have failed Him and are going to fail Him again (many times). He chooses to love us even though we won’t love Him in return. He chooses to save us even though we don’t deserve His rescue. He chooses to be in relationship with him even though we make for terrible friends.

So for me, wedding days are not so much about the bride and groom. They are about Jesus. The reason why Peter can say that two people entering into a marriage covenant are “heirs in the grace of life” is because of Jesus and His love for humanity. And since I believe Jesus is the only hope for life and for marriages, then bring on the weddings. Heck, I might even be so inclined to say “the more the merrier!”. Well, let’s not get too crazy!


  • Randy Cosner says:

    Aaron, I have not especially enjoyed weddings. Thanks for the positive thoughts on this responsibility of being a pastor. Miss seeing you guys!

  • AP says:

    Thanks Randy! We miss you all as well.

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