Nine Years Ago Today

  It is rare that you can look back nine years to the day into the past and remember exactly what you were doing. It comes a little easier when the day you are looking back upon is your wedding day. Right at this moment nine years ago, I was waking up with my eleven […]

Two Kingdoms, One King

Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching from Acts 8:9-25. What jumps out of that passage is the idea of two kingdoms: The kingdom of man and the kingdom of God. And they are most definitely at odds with one another (aka they don’t coexist, my friends). A man named Simon is saying he “is […]

Heirs in the Grace of Life

1 Peter 3:7 says that men and women who have entered into the marriage covenant together are “heirs in the grace of life”. There is no doubt that this is the season for weddings. At the church I pastor, we have had many of them recently, including the past 3 weeks (and more to come). […]

5 Thoughts on Forgiveness

Have you been wronged? Are you struggling to forgive? Are you afraid to ask for forgiveness? These 5 thoughts on forgiveness may help you. 1. Lower your expectations. Because of our sin and the sin of others, hurt is inevitable. So don’t be shocked the next time you are wronged. Jesus said He would be […]

5 Take-Aways From Exponential 2014

Christian conferences are an interesting thing for so many reasons that I won’t comment here on this blog today. I typically do not really enjoy conferences because of the information overload, the artificial hype, and the short-lived emotion that leaves you saying 4 days post-conference, “What the heck did I really learn?”. Truth is, if […]