Resurrection Day Reflections

– Yesterday was an incredible day celebrating Jesus and His resurrection.

– Jesus poured His grace over His church in some incredible ways.

– The verse that always grabs me in regard to the resurrection is Romans 4:25 “who was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification”. I was honored to preach on that verse yesterday.

– 5 people professed faith in Christ publicly through baptism.

– Yesterday’s gathering was the single largest attended gathering in Aletheia’s history.

– Jesus is still alive today! He will still be alive tomorrow. In fact, this “fact” will never change (Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Heb 13:8).

– What does the resurrection mean to you?

– How were you impacted by the truth of the resurrection yesterday wherever you gathered for worship?

– I’d love to hear your answers.



  • Sarah Zayas says:

    The resurrection means to me that God is in control and is faithful even when I am not faithful. Even though we face hardships we find a safe haven in Jesus. I can come close to Jesus. Not only can I pray but Jesus encourages me to keep praying and find safety in my prayer closet. Knowing God is in control a burden is lifted to make perfect choices. I know that even though this is a mystery this is true: my free will does not void God’s promises on my life. Somehow my free will does not restrain God’s power.

  • Ricki Gonzalez says:

    Jesus is our priest. He understands our sin problem and intercedes for us to the Father. He fills us with the Holy Spirit to persevere in love and truth. We get to receive life from the creator and release it to creation. (Enjoyed following sermon using sermon notes on the Aletheia Tampa app).

  • AP says:

    Truth! Love you my man.

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