From Beggars to Heirs

This past week (Feb 18th to be exact) marked the 468th anniversary of Martin Luther’s death. It has been told that on his death bed these were his final words: “We are all beggars. This is true.” The significance of this statement really impacted me this past week, especially as I prepared to preach on […]

Generosity: The Surprising Secret To Joy

I asked one of my great friends and gospel co-laborers for many years now, Graham Cochrane, to write a post on generosity for me this week in light of what I preached on Sunday (Acts 2:42-47). Graham is a follower of Jesus, a terrific husband and daddy, a business owner, and a deacon at Aletheia […]

“Preach the Gospel at All Times…”

Where did your mind go when you read the subject line? Probably “And when necessary, use words!”. This quote that has been attributed to St Francis of Assisi (albeit falsely) is one of the most overused sayings when it comes to people’s excuses for not wanting to share the good news. I mean, let’s be […]

Gift of Tongues (It’s Significance)

Yesterday, in the 84 degree Florida heat, I preached, drenched in sweat, on Acts 2:1-13 where the Holy Spirit came like a rushing wind into the house where the first Christians met and rested upon their lives as of fire. This was a powerful and comforting event all at the same time. The comforter and […]