The Gospel Overcomes Racism

This week I will be preaching (by God’s grace) from Acts 2:1-13 (as long as it doesn’t rain on our outside gathering). What we see in this passage is how the Holy Spirit comes upon the church for the first time (never to leave), and brings unity among the nations through one massive supernatural and powerful event.

The result: All those people from around 14 different cultural/ethnic backgrounds were spoken to by a bunch of Galileans in their own language.

What was said? The Galileans were essentially proclaiming the gospel in the different dialects.

The Point: The gospel brings the nations/cultures/ethnicities together. Why? Because Jesus isn’t exclusive. Jesus (and His gospel of peace) isn’t a racist. In fact, the gospel overcomes racism. Where all of our hearts are sinfully drawn to separate ourselves from each other because of our physical/national/cultural differences, the gospel overlooks all of that and brings us all together with one common goal: JESUS!

I stumbled upon this video by John Piper earlier this week. Pray that the gospel will expose any sin in your heart and bring you to repentance so that you truly will have a heart for ALL people.

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