A “flood” of emotions

Not so surprisingly, on a day when I was prepared to preach on how prayer should be central in moments of uncertainty, and how it can bolster confidence, and how before any action needs to take place, prayer should take place; and on a day that we were ushering in “40 Days Of Prayer”, God gave Aletheia Church the opportunity to live it out.  And when thrust into the face of uncertainty and adversity with little to no option for anything else, we did as Peter and the disciples did upon entering the upper room: We prayed! God gave us no choice.

Now our adversity this past weekend was most certainly a first world problem (we realize this). But it was/is still a pretty big deal. We accidentally flooded the basketball courts at the Y where we gather on Sunday mornings, after leaving a hose running all night on Saturday. This hose was filling the baptismal tank that we were going to use on Sunday morning to dunk a bunch of people. To say that the tank was filled up would be an understatement. Our band arrived on Sunday morning at 7:15, prepared to sing songs about the “water of life”, only to actually be welcomed by literal waters of despair (I had to do it).

There was a half inch of water on 70% or more of the two courts. I received the news at 7:30. I had woken up at 5:45 that morning to pray and to prepare to teach like I always do. My prayer as it had been all week was “Your will be done”. Of course, deep down in my heart a more truthful rendering would have been “Your will be done God, unless it sucks for me and Aletheia”. I’m not going to lie, when I found out, my first thought was “now we can’t have our cool baptism service that we had planned to do!” And I “may have” cursed in my heart. And I may have thought very selfishly initially about the situation. Quickly though, God brought me to repentance.

All the while, the word started to get out. And what did people do as they found out? They prayed. And what were the results? Well, we didn’t need to wait on the Holy Spirit like the disciples did in Acts 1. He had already been given to us. What God did do was that He certainly broke the uncertainty. He certainly gave us confidence. He certainly catapulted us into action. All of those things happened. And the people of Aletheia responded in ways that I have never seen (insert 40 people cleaning up 4,000 gallons of water in an hour). He even gave us peace AND we might have even chuckled at times through it.

As of right now, nothing is resolved. The Y has had to cancel much of their weekly activities during the busiest week of the year for them. We are looking at 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of damage that might very well come out of pocket (if the insurance claim we filed is rejected). We will most definitely have to gather as a church body outside in a parking lot again this Sunday right next to 3 dumpsters. We may even be out of a gathering space altogether when it’s all said and done. Yeah, it pretty much sucks. But do you know what we’re doing right now? We’re praying. And we’re trusting that the same sovereign God who gave answers to the prayer of the disciples in Acts 1 as they looked to fill the “apostle vacancy”, is the same God who is orchestrating all of this.

He’s a good God. We are witnesses of that goodness (His resurrection is at the top of the goodness list – Acts 1:22). What we do know is that He is good whether this situation ends well or ugly for us. We know He’s good because He died for us. That’s “good” enough for us. But He’s also good because He’s given us the gift of prayer. And we are using it. Believe me, we’re wearing it out like Kevin Hart wears out bad jokes.

On that note, if you have a minute, please PRAY for this situation. Thanks. Glory to Christ!


  • Angela says:

    Pastor Aaron I just want you to know that I am so proud to be a part of our church. I am so thankful that we have pastors/elders/leaders, that in the face of adversity know that the greater good is Jesus and like your last paragraph stated, no matter how the situation ends, God is still good.

    I know that no matter what ends up happening we will be ok, and having you lead us truly is a privilege.

  • Hey brother I will definitely be praying for you ask that this turn of events will strengthen your church all the more that the testimony of Christ may be proclaimed even more thorough and rapidly!

  • AP says:

    Thanks Angela! Love you. Honored to serve Jesus with you.

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