Leading Those You Live With

The majority of us do not live alone. We live with our parents, our spouses, our children, our roommates etc. Due to this fact, we are given an enormous opportunity to invest spiritually in those around us. Most of us don’t. And if we do, it’s very minimal and for the most part not very intentional. But our primary community is with those we live with. We “do life” with many others and need to be investing spiritually in those relationships for sure. But the people we actually “live” with need to be the priority.

Tim Keller and Sam Shammas developed an adult and children friendly Catechism which can be downloaded on any smart device or computer for free. It is a very succinct, easy, user-friendly way to intentionally invest spiritually in the lives of those you live with both young and old. Ashlee and I are always thinking of ways to be more intentional with our children. This is a great way to do so. There is even a great explanation on what a catechism is. Here is the link:

New City Catechism



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