The Gospel Overcomes Racism

This week I will be preaching (by God’s grace) from Acts 2:1-13 (as long as it doesn’t rain on our outside gathering). What we see in this passage is how the Holy Spirit comes upon the church for the first time (never to leave), and brings unity among the nations through one massive supernatural and […]

A “flood” of emotions

Not so surprisingly, on a day when I was prepared to preach on how prayer should be central in moments of uncertainty, and how it can bolster confidence, and how before any action needs to take place, prayer should take place; and on a day that we were ushering in “40 Days Of Prayer”, God […]

40 Days Of Prayer

One of our hopes at Aletheia Church (Tampa) for 2014 is that we would become a church marked by prayer. Meaning, even more important than being a “doing church”, we are a praying church. This Sunday I will preach a sermon on Acts 1:12-26 called “Living out the Mission of Jesus Through Prayer”. It is […]

Preparing for War

War Movies are Cool: I mentioned on Sunday that I saw a very moving film recently called “Lone Survivor”. I was absolutely blown away by it. Usually a sucker for good war movies, I was not disappointed. Never has a movie brought out such a variety of emotions in me. I was moved to anger, […]

5 Pastoral Leadership Disciplines

Jesus has designed the church to function a certain way. Even though He doesn’t need men to lead His church, He chooses to appoint godly men to do so. On Sunday, we had the blessing of being able to appoint another pastor at Aletheia. What a celebration it was (Check out an instagram photo here). […]

Leading Those You Live With

The majority of us do not live alone. We live with our parents, our spouses, our children, our roommates etc. Due to this fact, we are given an enormous opportunity to invest spiritually in those around us. Most of us don’t. And if we do, it’s very minimal and for the most part not very […]

A Job Description is Helpful

This past Sunday I joked in my sermon that there are two things in my life that I wish I would have had a job description or manual for: Marriage and Parenting. Nobody ever gave me detailed instructions or what to expect when it came to either marriage or parenting. Pre-marital counseling was kept general […]