This past Monday (October 8th), my second son Aaden Sage Proffitt would have turned 4. I cannot even believe that it has been 4 years since I held that little guy. Since then we’ve seen two more children birthed, as well as a church here in Tampa. That is a lot of births in 4 years.

I truly am grateful for the grace that God has given us since October 8, 2008. Grateful for the 37 days we had with Aaden before he went to be with Jesus. Grateful for Asher and Adelee who never met their big brother, but will hear about him their entire lives. Grateful that even though our oldest Andrew doesn’t have any recollection of Aaden (he was 17 months old when Aaden died), he still asks about Aaden all of the time and he even thanks Jesus for his little bro. Grateful for an unbelievable wife who never ceases to amaze me with her courage and strength, despite all of the tragedy we’ve been through.

But I’m especially grateful for a God who is gracious. He is gracious to give us life (the breath we breathe is a gift in case you were wondering). He is gracious to give us new life (2 Cor 5:17). He is gracious to give us blessings in life (for me: a godly woman, beautiful children, a gospel-centered church, good friends, warm weather year-round etc.). He is also gracious to give us hope. This hope is possible only through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus (Read Eph 1:18 and 1 Cor 15). In fact, only through this hope can I legitimately get through the hardest moments. Otherwise, there is just despair.

Here is God’s grace in an image for you. (This is a pic of me with my third born son Asher watching the balloons we launched to heaven in memory of Aaden on October 8, 2008).

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