My boys & Star Wars

My 4 year old has a huge crush on Star Wars even though he’s never seen the movie. It’s really funny. Even funnier is the fact that he has now influenced his 21 month old brother to love Star Wars as well. Ashlee went out the other day and wanted to bring Drew home a present and she gave him the option of a light-saber or a Lego set. Much to my chagrin, he chose the light saber (although I shouldn’t be too surprised because when I was 6, I discovered Star Wars and fell in love with it). I got some awesome footage of Asher with the light saber this past weekend as we were putting up Christmas decorations. Asher seems to be a born Jedi. As you’ll see, he’s got some sweet Jedi moves. Of course I had to let Drew know that Asher was Luke SkyWalker and Drew was going to be Darth Vader. He didn’t like that too much…


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