Weekend in Images (Mini-Me Monday)

I can’t explain how much fun it is to see my boys growing up. They are a couple of crazy kids who are full of life and who really live for the moment. Ashlee and I are so blessed to see these little gifts develop (especially their personalities – they are both so different from each other) and I also see that they both already have a sensitivity towards Jesus. I know that God is preparing them for some huge things but for now, it’s a joy to parent them in their early years.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. We just hung out a lot as a family and didn’t really do a whole lot. We went to a local mall that had a life-size snow globe where the boys could play. The sad thing was that after experiencing the “real stuff” in Virginia 3 weekends ago, the fake stuff just didn’t have the same effect. But they still had fun because like I said, they live for the moment.


And since the weather is so nice in Tampa in November, we eat our lunches outside on our back patio as often as we can. Here’s a little footage I captured of Asher trying to sit on a softball sized plastic ball. And I have no idea what was going on with his hair but it kind of amplified the weirdness of the entire moment. (side note: please excuse me burping and then Drew’s subsequent “Simon says burp on your face!”


We capped the weekend off (after a great time of worship with our Aletheia church family) with a trip to Sonic. It sounded good to the pregnant lady but as soon as we got home, the greasy food decided to not agree with Ashlee’s stomach so it might have come out of her. She’s a trooper as you can see below (I captured a pic of her right after the violent up-chucking).

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