So easy, A cave man can do it…or Not

Saturdays are big days for Aletheia Church here in Tampa, because we always do some type of missional outreach, usually in the form of specific, intentional evangelism. This precedent was started 10 years ago, when we started the first Aletheia Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Over the past decade, we have sparked up gospel conversations with thousands of people. After all of the people we have encountered, we were bound to stumble upon some interesting characters over the years, whether at their door step, or on campus.

Well, in the spirit of Saturday evangelism, I thought I might share with you one of our favorite encounters. We were knocking on doors one day (you know irritating the life out of people), and a husky, burly man answered the door. We introduced ourselves, told him who we were and why we were at his door and then proceeded to ask him what his name was and so-on and so-forth.

I am not embellishing the truth at all when I say he looked us straight in the eye and said “I was born in the mountains and raised in a cave so get the $&#$ off my property!” He then slammed the door in our faces. We were left pondering what his statement really had to do with why he didn’t want us at his door. One would think that a simple “I don’t want to speak to you” would have effectively gotten the job done if that’s what he wanted to get across but evidently, we needed to know that he was a caveman as if that had some pertinence to his lack of desire (or maybe inability to comprehend) to hear the gospel.

After all that, it led me to believe that Geico’s moniker might be wrong. The gospel might not be for cavemen.

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