My boys & Star Wars

My 4 year old has a huge crush on Star Wars even though he’s never seen the movie. It’s really funny. Even funnier is the fact that he has now influenced his 21 month old brother to love Star Wars as well. Ashlee went out the other day and wanted to bring Drew home a […]

A Long Overdue Post

There is something that I have been wanting to do for quite sometime now; Something that has been long overdue. I just want to take a few moments and publicly honor the worship band at Aletheia Tampa. You see, God has really blessed this church with an amazing group of godly men who love and […]

200th post

    As I was preparing to write my blog today, I noticed that this is my 200th post. I started this blog in June of 2007 and even though I have taken long seasons off  from writing anything, my hope is that I have used it as a means to communicate what’s going on […]

Weekend in Images (Mini-Me Monday)

I can’t explain how much fun it is to see my boys growing up. They are a couple of crazy kids who are full of life and who really live for the moment. Ashlee and I are so blessed to see these little gifts develop (especially their personalities – they are both so different from […]

So easy, A cave man can do it…or Not

Saturdays are big days for Aletheia Church here in Tampa, because we always do some type of missional outreach, usually in the form of specific, intentional evangelism. This precedent was started 10 years ago, when we started the first Aletheia Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Over the past decade, we have sparked up gospel conversations with […]

I knew They’d Lay Me in My Grave (Sermon Recap 11.6.2011)

  It was great to be back at Aletheia (Tampa) this past Sunday. Ashlee and I were out of town the previous two weekends for her brother’s wedding as well as the 10 year anniversary of the first Aletheia Church in Harrisonburg, Va. I missed my church family in Tampa and being able to worship […]

Mini-Me Mondays (Naps With My Boys)

As a parent, there are a lot of those little things that I treasure with my rapidly growing-up boys. One of those little things that I know I will miss when they’re all grown up is taking naps with my little men. One day, I was watching Asher while doing work in my home office. […]

Friday Funny – Air Guitar

In 1992, my father, who had started a church and had been at that same church for 16 and a half years, left the church after some incredibly painful events and false accusations. That was an interesting time for our family and ended up putting us on the streets, eventually landing us on the side […]

Sermon Recap 10.30.2011

This past Sunday I was away celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the first Aletheia Church that we started in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It was a joy to be at the original location that Jesus began this church planting movement. When we left over 2 years ago to plant the church in Tampa, we left an […]