Mini-Me Mondays (#1 – Asher Shakes His Golden Locks)

My Monday posts from here on out will consist of a funny story/picture/video from my 2 sons that I capture the previous week. This week’s video happens to come from a few weeks back. Kids go through stages and these stages are often comical. Asher right now is going through a stage where he shakes his head no when he doesn’t want something or doesn’t want to do something. What makes it so funny are his long golden locks swinging back and forth. And for a time, he was shaking his head “no” for everything…even when he wanted something. I captured some video of it which I’m glad about because this stage is passing quickly.

What helps to make this video even funnier is that the day before, Asher had woken up with his (right) eye completely swollen (almost) shut. Evidently, he had been bit by one of those ferocious Florida fire ants. These ants are no joke and our house was literally beginning to be infested by them (not kidding). We had to have an exterminator come and fumigate our house because this wasn’t the first time Asher would be bit in the eye…nope, it happened last week again!

Here’s the footage. Enjoy my crazy, awesome, cute, and hilarious 1 year old.

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