2 Days until the Book Release

In case you haven’t heard, Dave Proffitt’s book on church planting is being released in 2 DAYS.

The E-Book version of “IN THE TRENCHES: TEN VITAL REMINDERS TO ASSIST CHURCH PLANTERS” will be released on Monday, May 9th right HERE. For now, you can download a free chapter.

There is still a chance for you to win a free hard copy (exclusive hard copies will be available at REFLECT on May 12th-14th). To enter the Free Book Give Away go HERE. It will only take a minute.

And for your reading pleasure today, here are some more excerpts…

“When it comes to the serious apprenticeship of Jesus or assisting
with apprentice development, “cricket sounds” is probably the best way
to describe the level of spiritual enthusiasm.”

“We need to deconstruct the postmodernism within our philosophy of
life in order to become like the historic church and take the message
of God verbally to the ends of the earth.”

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