More Quotables from “In The Trenches”

Here are a few more of our favorite quotes from Dave Proffitt’s new book “In The Treches: Ten Vital Reminders to Assist Church Planters”…

“Ask the question: ‘What are our prayers like?’ Could they ever
possibly shake a building, toss away demons or move mountainous

“How many more silly, shallow, thrown together, ill-researched,
superficial and essentially plain ignorant, awful and often boring and
embarrassing talks are we to continue coming up with before we realize
we are losing a generation?”

Remember, you can dowload an entire chapter for free right HERE at

E-Book Release Date is Monday, May 9th.

Exclusive hard copies available at REFLECT, Thursday, May 12th.

And remember to check out our free hard copy give away right here. Contest ends Sunday night at 11:59pm. It’s easy to enter, plus you can write some nice things about how the ministry of Dave Proffitt has impacted your life or just write about how this book is going to help your ministry.

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