Excerpts From “In The Trenches”

So if you haven’t heard yet, my father, Dave Proffitt has written a book on ministry and church planting called “In The Trenches: Ten Vital Reminders to Assist Church Planters”. I made the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday. You can download a free chapter of the book at www.daveproffitt.com where you will also find out more of the details of the release.

We are also giving away a free hard copy of the book – the E-Book will be released on Monday May 9th and the hard copy will be made exclusively available at the Aletheia Network’s annual conference REFLECT on May 12-14 – and you can get your own free hard copy before then by entering our contest. More details on that can be found here: Book Give Away

And just to tickle your taste buds a little so-to-speak, I am going to be pasting some of the (what are many) memorable quotes from the book itself. Remember, you can read the entire first chapter HERE.

Here are a couple of our favorites:

“The challenge is to rock the under-challenged church and see it
radically reflect “His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all”
(Ephesians 1:23).”

…”The same Spiritual leadership that is often either too distracted,
too cowardly, too post-modern, too lazy or too embalmed culturally to
pray over the objective, isolate some biblical strategy, toss in some
personal sacrifice and have confidence in the resources God has

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