A peak inside our Ruth series…

Our Ruth series has proven to be quite successful up to this point. I really feel like our people are responding well to it. In case you were wondering if we did anything differently this time around, seeing as though it is the third book we have gone through as a church, we did.
Of course our visual treatment of the series was outside the box per usual…Emilio and Ace, two of our designers, actually hand drew the art work…and our creative team did an amazing job coming up with cool ways to incorporate the new design with the sweet color scheme and the antique-y feel that Ruth kind of gives out. Our Sunday morning set up is pretty sweet!
But more importantly, we’ve come up with ways to help people retain what they are learning as we journey through this book together. So I came up with a study aid that we have handed out on Sunday mornings to everyone. The idea is for our people to leave, and then throughout the week, do some extra study on their own, with questions that I have come up with that deal with stuff that I didn’t even necessarily teach on that particular week.
Here’s what our people are going through this week. And I’ve even linked the pod cast so that if you missed the sermon, you can listen to it here. Hope you enjoy! And if you’re in Tampa, join us one Sunday…believe me, you won’t regret your decision in coming!

“Fear not, but trust in providence, wherever thou may’st be.”

RUTH 2:1-13
Questions from this week’s study guide:
• Does the Bible support the idea of luck, chance, and happenstance?
• What are some other Scriptural examples besides the ones we see in Ruth of God’s providence?
• What qualities really stand out from Boaz in this passage?
• What characteristics does he possess as a real man?
• What are Ruth and Boaz’s initial motives when they meet?
• As a single person, what should your motives be in relation to the opposite sex?
• How should you be carrying yourself?
• Looking at the lives of Ruth and Boaz, what is God focused on, our status (rich vs poor) or our essence (righteous vs unrighteous)?
• Is God more about giving us riches, or making us sanctified?
• Why do some churches teach value in the temporal over value in the eternal?
• How is God’s hand of providence specifically working in these verses?

Did you miss this past Sunday? Listen to the podcast! [click below]

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