The “Fullness Movement”

So much is happening right now in ministry and life in general that I never really have time to sit down and write about it all. One thing about my church planting experience is that I never quite have enough time, and when I do, I certainly don’t have the brain power left to cram anything else in.

But I must say, I am really excited about what God is doing with the Aletheia Network right now. All of the churches are having great summers and things are really looking good for the fall. Aletheia Harrisonburg, the original, is about to launch two services this coming Sunday. We are praying that God does some incredible things through this necessary step that the church is taking. Aletheia Richmond is getting an influx of talented and passionate people as they gear up for an incredible fall semester. Aletheia Norfolk has grown tremendously this summer and they are preparing for their big move to Sunday mornings this fall. Aletheia Tuxtla, our international church plant is the newest and most fragile plant because our church planters Mark and Abby Huffman have been doing the work alone. But God has done and still continues to do some amazing things…and, a group of 12 from Aletheia Tampa will be heading down to Mexico in two weeks to help encourage and create some momentum for that young church. Speaking of Aletheia Tampa, we just continue to plug along. Thsi summer has been one of growth and stability. We’ve seen many people accept Christ, we recently baptized a bunch of people, and we’ve had some pretty nice sized crowds.

With all that being said, our desire within the Network is to see churches multiplied and reproduced. We are experiencing that as we speak in our 5 locations. But we are not content with just planting and maintaining 5 churches. We want to see so many more churches planted in the coming years. And more importantly, God is showing us that He wants more churches planted in the coming years. Just this past Monday, we took 13 people from our churches in Harrisonburg and Tampa to the University of Florida in Gainesville on a probing trip. We were very impressed and impacted by the spiritual opportunity that exists in that city. We are also more than convinced that an Aletheia needs to be planted in that city sometimes soon. So our church planters Kevin and Jackie Anderson, and the team that they are assembling will be deferring to God in the coming days to see if that’s where God wants their team. Selfishly, I really want them to end up at UF. We’ll see what God does.

I was reminded last night by my dad that the church of the body of Christ is the fullness of Christ who fills all in all (Eph 1:23). It encourages me to no end that I am a part of a “fullness movement.” That I get to be an extension of God on this earth. There is nothing that I would rather be doing with my life. I just hope that God is going to send those young men and women who feel the same way our direction, so that we can equip and mobilize them, and send them out to continue this movement.

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  • Kathryn says:

    Such cool things going on! The Sheriffs are excited to hopefully continue the Aletheia momentum in the future!!!

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