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I know that many of you, especially our supporters, try to keep updated with our lives via my blog. Updates are one thing that I have not been very good at lately but here are some random thoughts on how things are going here in Tampa…

1. Our church plant has seen unusual summer growth over the past couple of weeks. For collegiate church plants and planters, summers are a time to catch your breath, solidify the core group, do some fun events, and really gear up for the fall. We made a few crazy risky moves at Aletheia Tampa this summer. Instead of just tightening down, not changing anything up too much, we decided to move locations and times. The results initially were a bit discouraging but as the weeks have gone by, we’ve seen growth, tons of new visitors, and the idea of taking risks in church planting has been reinforced.

2. If you haven’t heard yet, Aletheia Tampa got a brand new site. Check it out here and be amazed. Thanks mostly to Graham Cochrane who also had some help from Ashlee, Emilio, and Ace. The site looks incredible!

3. My two boys are growing up way too fast. Drew turned 3 on June 16th and Asher is pushing 5 months, although he is as big as Drew was at 7 months old (yeah, he is a beast!) Even though I lose my patience frequently with my two little fire crackers, I really am seeing more and more as the days go by that “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord , the fruit of the womb a reward.” Check out this pic that my wife took a couple days ago…

4. Although performing wedding ceremonies aren’t my most favorite thing in the world to do, I’ve had the privilege to marry off some pretty spectacular people in recent weeks and months.

5. At the end of this month, Kevin and Jackie Anderson, along with some of their team members will be heading to Florida to probe one of the major Universities in the state as a potential spot for the next Aletheia Church. We are excited to say the least about what God is going to do with that, whether He sends the team to Florida, or to some other state.

6. In August, Aletheia Tampa will take it’s second and third respective global mission trips. We will continue to make world outreach a main focus of what we do as a church in the coming years. One team will head to Haiti to help the struggling quake victims in that nation while the other team will be heading to Tuxtla, Mexico, to support our church planters Mark and Abby (and their new baby Rachel) Huffman and their ministry at Aletheia Tuxtla. Please pray for these trips, that God will use our people to impact the people in those nations.

So that’s about it from the update front. This summer has been extremely productive, and it’s only half over. I’m really looking forward to serving God in the coming weeks and months and seeing what He does through the Aletheia Network during that time.

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