Feeling Encouraged

I find it so difficult to stay up on blogging these days and it honestly surprises me that people can update their blogs every single day. I guess when you make it a part of your daily or weekly routine then it can become easier. I usually am so mentally exhausted from everything I’m doing that I don’t have the capacity or energy to write a blog. So this is a feeble attempt at updating my very outdated blog…

Our church plant here in Tampa is definitely taking most of my time, and when I’m not doing that, I’m trying to spend some quality time with the family. I am so loving this point in our ministry right now and am more encouraged than ever before. After being here in Tampa for over a year now, I think I have moved past the stage of insecurity and now I am just enjoying the process all of the time. Even though (just as we have seen at every other collegiate church we have ever planted) the attendance has dropped significantly (we went from averaging 75-100 the last few weeks of the semester…to 51 this past week), there is so much excitement among our people. Every week since we launched our Sunday morning services on May 16th, we’ve had at least 6 new visitors on average, we’ve seen about a dozen people commit their lives to Christ, and we continue to put a major emphasis on equipping our people. As a result, there is a lot of momentum, our people are stepping up more and more to serve, and the church is really stabilizing. It has been a really fun and productive summer so far.

God has been super faithful to this church plant and I believe a lot of it has to do with prayer and a maintained focus on doing things Biblically of course, as well as having a super incredible team of volunteers. Our core group is relentless when it comes to serving. They show up on Sunday mornings hours early to totally revamp our meeting location. It truly is incredible what they do to that building week in and week out.

Not only that, but last week we had 10 people go out sharing the message of Jesus to perfect strangers. I can see that more and more of our people are getting that sense of urgency for the lost. if there’s no sense of urgency to see people reached for Christ, then there is absolutely no reason to plant a church. My fear, as the lead pastor here at Aletheia Church, Tampa, is always that our people will become indifferent towards doing evangelism.  If we take the “I only want to do what I’m passionate about” route (because let’s face it, most will say they are not passionate about doing evangelism), then where does that lead the many who are still disconnected from Christ, and who won’t hear it (because it will take more than the couple people who are “passionate” about it)? It’s time to tighten up the proverbial chin strap and start getting the truth out to people. And my belief is that because we have a great culture of evangelism, God is in turn blessing our efforts in even more incredible ways.

I love my team here at Aletheia Tampa…I love their constant sacrifice…I love their work ethic…I love their hearts…and I pray that these hearts will continue to be directed towards a passion for the lost. End of story. Period.

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  • Adam R says:

    All of this is awesome to hear! I miss you guys and I’ll continue to pray that hearts and minds are changed in the community! I love you guys and I can’t wait to join in with the efforts when I get back.

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