One way to add #’s to the church plant

Now I know that one of the newest upcoming trends in church planting is to avoid talking about the dreaded “numbers.” How many did you have on Sunday? How many are coming out each week? How many are you running? These are the non-postmodern sensitive questions that you get as a church planter all the time.

But those of us who are actually church planting have our own opinion on that whole issue. I actually love numbers. I love seeing a church grow. I love seeing my church grow. Growth translates into changed lives. Changed lives means more people being connected with God for eternity. That’s a good thing. I’ll take a million of those numbers!

Another way to add numbers to your church is by doing it inwardly…yep, that’s right, having babies people! My wife and I just had a baby 8 weeks ago. He’s pretty awesome! Not only did he add to the number of our family but he also added to the number of our church. I think we’re going to keep him around. I also think we’ll keep encouraging our other married couple in the church to have babies. In fact, some of our married couples are hopefully pregnant right now. That would mean more numbers to the church. Heck, I think I’ll count those babies to our numbers each week even when they are in the womb 🙂

Aside from the joking, I love church growth, I love babies, and I especially love this baby…


  • Sarah says:


    you are hilarious. that son of yours is precious.

  • groove says:

    I will take Asher over a grumpy deacon any day. Oh, and i finally figured out who he looks like…me!

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