This next year…

So when Ashlee and I decided to follow God’s desire for us, namely to come to Tampa to plant the next Aletheia church, we left everything that was comfortable and stable to us. I had a stable job with steady income. We did not have to worry about our financial situation from month to month. But we chose to listen to God’s prod on our lives to be church planters and the stable income was to be no more. Serving God in this capacity is in my blood. I really didn’t have a choice. I am just not made to be comfortable for too long.

So I decided to raise support last year, realizing that to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish with this new plant, it would require about double the amount of time that a normal job would require. With that in mind, I hit up all of the people that I could think of and asked them for assistance. And people came through in a big way…I’m talking huge! We seriously have the most incredible support team and I want all of the world to know it. We have some very incredibly faithful friends and family members. What a blessing it has been over the last 11 months to not live month to month. God has validated our decision to step out in faith by coming through for us in a big way.

But now, a year has gone by, and we are right back to square one (with another family member in the mix to boot). We have some promised continued income from some of our previous supporters, but there is still more that is required for us to live and to minister in this great city. God has shown us that He is going to take care of us. But we still need help. We need some of you who faithfully read our blogs to pray about getting behind the Proffitt family as we continue to do God’s work a part from me having to get a secular job. Graham made a really sweet support page for our family that details how somebody can support us financially. You can check the page out here:

Our request is that you would pray about helping us out this next year. Graham made it really easy for anyone to support us either through a one time gift, or monthly. Please check out the page and please pray about helping us out. Any little bit will go a long ways.

Thanks everyone who reads my blog and thanks to everyone who has shown so much love, care, and support to our family over the past days, weeks, months, and years.

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