A recent update I sent out to our supporters

As most of you know, when Ashlee and I stepped out in faith to lead the charge with the new Aletheia church plant in Tampa nearly a year ago now, we decided to leave a very comfortable life which included a set salary, set health insurance, and a comfortable job. And so many of you found out about what would be our new way of living which meant starting from scratch without the comfortable job, set salary and set health insurance…and you came through for us in one of our greatest times of need as a family.

Most of my blog readers are the very ones who stepped up to take care of us and provide financial support for our family this past year. But not all of you. So I figured this time, I will let everyone in on what we do for those who have so sacrificially stepped up for us this past year. Each month, Ashlee and I write a news letter to our faithful supporters to keep them in the loop as to what’s going on in our lives and in the life of the ministry. We feel it necessary in order to insure that they will be reminded to continually keep us in their prayers. As a result, there are more prayers being said for the ministry and for our family, and therefore more great things are taking place. Here is the letter we sent out this past week. Once again it’s an update (and it’s minus all the cool design and pictures that Ashlee put with it). Please read and be encouraged as to what God is doing here in Tampa through the ministry of Aletheia.

Hi faithful supporters,

Ashlee and I hope and pray that everything is going well for you so far this new year. We miss you all and think of you often.

We just wanted to update you on some of the latest news from Tampa. Things are moving right along. 2010 has been jam-packed and very eventful so far. Ashlee is doing splendidly as she continues to carry baby Asher. The arrival date is coming soon (less than 4 weeks) and the doctor’s suspect that our little man might come a little early. This is great news to Ashlee. She is feeling great and Asher is developing perfectly in the womb. We can’t wait to welcome our new addition. We are pleased to announce also that some reinforcements are joining us this next month. Mom and Dad are finally selling their home and will be in Tampa at the end of February. This will provide timely help for us not only for baby-sitting purposes, but also for ministry purposes i.e. Having the greatest Bible teacher on earth at my beckon call isn’t a terrible thing 🙂

Speaking of ministry, I have never been more encouraged about what God is doing here in Tampa. After a very difficult and challenging 2009, we are finally seeing some incredible momentum. We are in a new and more accommodating room on campus now and it has worked out masterfully. Our volunteer army has worked tirelessly to make Sunday nights even better. Since we launched our services again on January 10th, we have seen our attendance increase from 52 to 60 to 72 just this past Sunday. That was our largest attended gathering to date. We also have a baptism coming up in two weeks. And people are receiving Christ. Another 4 lives have come to Jesus, and many others have heard the truth. In fact, I have had conversations just this week alone with JW’s, Mormon’s, and Hindus. USF is a melting pot of every religious and cultural background that you can imagine. And we don’t shy away from talking with anyone. As a result, we offend a lot of people. Just yesterday, I brought a Mormon student to tears. Really, it was the Word of God that could be blamed for that. In a loving way, I communicated what the Bible says about the nature of God and she was not good with it because it went against everything she was taught growing up. This story is not an isolated one either. Things like this are happening all of the time as we battle in the trenches in order to see the lost reached.

We need your constant prayers for the battle that is going on in this city and on the campus of USF. Hearts are turning towards God but it is not easy. Please continue to pray for the momentum to continue. Pray that hearts will be softened to hear the truth. Pray that our church will see more rapid growth as we have the capabilities and the personnel to accommodate that. Pray for the rest of the pregnancy, for the labor, and the delivery. Pray for that precious little life that is about to come into our lives. Thanks so much.

We love you and will continue to pray for you. Please keep in touch with us.

In service to Christ,

aaron, ashlee, andrew, and asher

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