What do you want to accomplish in 2010?

New year’s excite me to no end. I have so many thoughts of grandeur for 2010 that I can hardly stand it. Some of my desires and goals for this next year are…

1. Have a healthy baby boy born at the end of February
2. See 100 people accept Jesus into their heart through the ministry of Aletheia Tampa
3. See 25 people baptized
4. For the church plant to reach 150 people by year’s end
5. See a new Aletheia Church planted
6. Take a trip to the Florida Keys with Ashlee
7. See Drew become more interested in basketball (right now it’s all cars and trucks)
8. Begin writing a book
9. Have all of my family living in Tampa
10. See my wife’s budding business grow

Alright, that’s my top ten in no particular order of importance other than the first one 🙂

Now it’s your turn. Comment what you would like to accomplish this year. Save the “I want to get a new sweet car” kind of stuff for another person’s post. I want to hear about what you want to accomplish for Jesus this next year. Bring it on…



  • Kevin says:

    Hey buddy great idea… there should be some accountability with this.

    1. See 50 people trust Jesus as their Savior through the Aletheia ministry.
    2. See at least 2 of my disciples teach a Bible study in the next year.
    3. To see a new Aletheia Church planted 🙂
    4. Work hard in Seminary and retain the knowledge to teach others
    5. Love my wife the way that Christ loved the church
    6. See Aletheia Harrisonburg forced to do something because the building is simply too small.
    7. Take a group to probe NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill for a possible Aletheia.
    8. Actually finish my study on the book of Luke
    9. See my sister return safely from the mission field in KZ, and see her off again if the Lord so leads her.
    10. Continue to witness to my friends and family who don’t know Him.

    Thanks for this idea buddy, I really like it.

  • Jamie Limato says:

    1. Know Christ and Make Him Known
    2. See our baby born…(oh…I guess it’s not a secret anymore)
    3. To see 100 people pray to receive Christ through Aletheia Norfolk
    4. To see 25 people baptized through Aletheia Norfolk
    5. To see attendance reach at least 100
    6. To see a new Aletheia planted.
    7. To finish Seminary
    8. To lose 50 pounds (i am the fattest Aletheia Church Planter…gotta change that)
    9. To begin writing a book/study that will help dudes with dude-issues.
    10.To see our ministries in Togo, West Africa grow.

  • CM E says:

    1. He must increase, but I must decrease. Jn 3:30

    2-10 Everything that comes with 1.

  • Shay says:

    Short term resolution includes Graham and I memorizing all of Proverbs 3 by Jan 31. There is no shortage of amazing and helpful things in that awesome chapter!

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