An encouraging update

Sorry that I am just now writing a blog this week. On Sunday after the morning worship experience I, along with 3 others, headed down to Florida to do some more church plant probing. We just got back yesterday. If you didn’t know up to this point, our desire at Aletheia is to see a national collegiate church planting movement established. In order to see this realized, we must travel a lot to other states and other University towns to find other locations that are in need of an Aletheia Church. God led us this week to Tampa Bay to check out the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. Between those two schools there are 50,000 college students…50,000 college students! And they are not really being reached for the most part. That area represents lots of need and lots of opportunities. Hopefully God will send some of us down to that area to see a college church planted there in the future.

Switching gears, we once again had another incredible Sunday morning this past week. About 66 visitors or so came to check out Aletheia (which brings the three week total since the students came back to 240 new people). Many of the students are still church shopping right now but it is our desire that everyone will get firmly planted at a local church here in Harrisonburg. The service was amazing as we continued with our series “Time’s Up” in Isaiah and worshiped God through an authentic expression of praise. We once again were very close to running out of space as almost every seat was taken. God is so faithful.

Last night, we had our first Wednesday night worship gathering of the semester. About 80 people came out to worship Jesus with Graham, Chelsea, and the band and Chris, a professor at JMU, gave a challenging word from 1 Corinthians 9 in which we were all reminded of God’s grace that brought us out of what we once “were.” I can’t wait to see what God does on Wednesday nights over the next 3 months.

There is a lot going on and a lot that we can be encouraged about. I hope that those of you who are reading this blog are excited about what God is doing. Let’s continue to be fervent in prayer as we plead with God to continue to do great things here and at our sister church plants in Richmond and Norfolk.

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  • Thomas Paine ;) says:

    God is doing so much right now dude! Its impossible not to be stoked about it all. Glad you guys had a safe trip.

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